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Jason Reimbold, Founder.

Jason Reimbold is Vice President, A&D advisory, for PLS, Inc. In 2012, Jason also worked as a consultant for M1 Energy Capital. Previously, he worked at Vice President, Investment Banking, for The Rodman Energy Group. He holds a degree in finance from the University of Tulsa where he studied geopolitics and international energy markets with former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy R. Dobie Langenkamp.

From 1999 to 2001, Jason served an extended tour in the Republic of South Korea while in the U.S. Army Cavalry. After returning to the United States in early 2001, he was staffed as a Battalion Intelligence Officer at Fort Drum, NY. In the midst of 9/11, Jason was responsible for conducting battalion level anti-terrorism training and security briefings. This duty began his research of the Middle East and global energy politics. 

In 2007, Jason co-authored The Braking Point, with Energy Advocates President Mark A. Stansberry. The book discusses the impending global energy crisis. Jason is a member of the Houston Energy Finance Group, Energy Advocates, and the Center for LNG.

In 2008, Jason was published in Oil & Gas Financial Journal. His column, Analyze This, covers geopolitics and international energy markets. Jason is also often called on as a source by other publications including The Deal Magazine, the PLS Capital Markets Report, American Oil & Gas Reporter, and various international newspapers. 

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Cynthia Coffield, Managing Director.

Cynthia Coffield is an inbound marketing professional working in the oil & gas industry. She is a Director at PLS Inc, the Petroleum Listing Service where she is responsible for the company's online marketing and corporate branding. Prior to joining PLS in 2012, Cynthia worked as an independent SEO and Project Manager with emerging marketing firms in both Texas and Colorado.

In 2013, Cynthia managed the re-launch of, a leading online oil & gas research portal. She currently serves as the site's Managing Director and leads the project's new growth initiative. Additionally, Cynthia is active in many industry organizations including the Society of Petroleum Engineers where she serves as a committee member.

Prior to working in the oil& gas sector, Cynthia worked as a freelance artist and administrator. She holds a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis.

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