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American Association of Petroleum Geologists
American Gas Association
American Petroleum Institute
Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies
Gas Processors Association
Ground Water Protection Council
Independent Petroleum Association of America
Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission
National Association of Royalty Owners
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council - Rocky Mountain Region
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Stripper Well Consortium


Bureau of Land Management
Department of Energy
Department of Interior
Department of Transportation, Office of Pipeline Safety
Energy Information Administration
Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection Agency - Oil Program
Environmental Protection Agency - Region 8 (Utah, etc.)
EPA Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Site
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Fossil Energy.Gov (DOE)
Minerals Management Service
National Energy Policy Development Group (The White House)
National Petroleum Technology Office (DOE)
National Response Center
Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration


After Oil
American Oilman
ASPO - Association for the Study of Peak Oil
Baker Hughes
Beyond Zero Emissions
Bureau of Economic Geology (University of Texas at Austin)
DMT - Digital Magnetotelluric Technologies
End of Suburbia
Energy Advocates
Energy Bulletin
Energy Connection
Energy Research Clearing House
Energy Resources
Energy Solutions
The Energy Source Network - Natural Gas
Energy Watch
Financial Sense
Future Cars
Gas and Oil National Information Infrastructure (DOE/LLNL)
GASearch Energy Intelligence
Hubbert Peak Theory
The Hydrocarbon Universe
IHS Energy Group (formerly Petroleum Information/Dwights)
Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands
International Association for Energy Economics
International Centre for Gas Technology Information
International Organization for Standardization
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Natural Gas Information and Educational Resources New Energy News
Oil Career
Oil Decline
Oil Depletion Analysis Centre
Oil and Gas Stock News
Oil Online (National-Oilwell)
Oilnergy Newsletter
Oil Peak directory
Peak Oil in the News
Peak Oil Crisis
Peak Oil News
Petroleum Internet Links (Schlumberger)
Petroleum Place - Oil and Gas Information Site
Petroleum Recovery Research Center (New Mexico Tech)
Planet for Life
Policy Pete
Rocky Mountain Oil Journal
Scandinavian Oil-Gas
SubSea Oil and Gas Directory
Understanding Energy (ExxonMobil)
Oil Career
The View from the Peak
Zero Emissions Network


Oil and Gas Data (Enerfax)
Oil and Gas Data (New York Merchantile Exchange)
Oil and Gas Data (Bloomberg Energy)
Posted Crude Prices - Black Wax (ChevronTexaco)
Posted Crude Prices - Four Corners Area (Shell Trading)
This Week in Petroleum (Energy Information Administration)

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